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New Home Inspection Birmingham Alabama

Many people ask; “Do I need a home inspection with a new home?”  The answer is “Yes!!” 


When you stop and think about it, most home construction starts with a builder that hires a sub-contractor.  On average there are 20 different sub-contractors each of which employs 4 to 5 individuals to work on the house.  That’s 80 to 100 different people working on one house.  The National Association of Home Builders indicates there are more than 3,000 components that go into building a house.  So that’s 100 people touching 3,000 different components, including the roofing, drywall, electrical, plumbing, insulation, appliances, and everything else!  That leaves plenty of room for human error.

All the systems of a house are installed individually by different groups of people, i.e., the plumber doesn't work with the electrician.  As such, there is a possibility of conflicts with the systems that don't show up until after everything is put together.  The average home buyer isn't going to have the time, knowledge, or experience to test how all these systems work prior to borrowing all that money to pay for a new home.


A new home inspection gives you the benefit of having a third party view the structure.  This inspection will uncover potential vulnerabilities that may have been overlooked at the time of construction; vulnerabilities that may not become apparent until well after the builder and sub-contractors have moved on to their next jobs. 


Uncovering these vulnerabilities now will save you time and money farther on down the road in the cost of repairs and possible litigation.

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