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Drone Mapping

Orthomosaic mapping is a process where a series of photos are taken and stitched together to prevent one large, cohesive photo.  The mapping process allows a level of detail that makes the image useful for analysis; i.e., taking current measurements or observing changes over time.  Orthomosaic mapping is also used in the planning stage to obtain an overall view which helps to determine a projects requirements.

Using Orthomosaic mapping and advanced software, our drone is capable of mapping out a location for specific evaluation.  Post processing allows us the ability to annotate specific areas for further analysis.

Our drone incorporates a 12-megapixel  1/2.3" CMOS sensor with up to 4x zoom which allows for 48 MP Super Resolution Photos.  The 24 - 48 optical zoom camera allow us to get in super close to the subject which means we can see the detail others can't.  As an FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot I have the expertise to safely obtain the photos you need.

The first photo shows a parking lot where a client (resurfacing contractor) asked for the total surface area, the perimeter length, and the average width of the parking spaces (for re-striping) along with any major deficiencies.  Through the mapping process were were able to provide all the requested information within a relatively short amount of time.

Drone Mapping

The second photo shows an apartment complex where our client (a landscaping company) asked for the the total "mowable" areas, in acres, along with the length of the perimeter of each building in feet so they would be able to calculate for pest control services.  Again, through the mapping process we were able to provide the exact information in a relatively short amount of time with minimal personnel.

Drone mapping
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