Drone Videography and Inspections Birmingham Alabama

A custom aerial view is one of the best ways to get a full understanding of your situation.  Whether it's a roof inspection, construction project tracking, hard to access location or a location that is dangerous to access, high resolution images and video offer a premier opportunity to satisfy your inspection needs. 


Regular drone inspections can also provide a photo or video log of a projects progression or potential trouble spots.  These inspections also help property managers easily maintain their assets from all angles increasing their management efficiency and effectiveness. 


Upper building levels, storefront facades, and high-rise towers are prime areas for a drone inspection.  Trouble spots like window sill gaskets, painting, and structural cracking not seen from the ground can be easily uncovered with a drone.


Drones are great at covering large areas both low and high.  Parking lots, construction areas, property perimeters and fence lines, and landscapes can all benefit from the advantages of a drone inspection. 


As an FAA licensed (Part 107) pilot I'm able to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to complete your project.